Michael Becker/FOX

This week the semi-finals of So You Think You Can Dance pushed Alexis, Essence, and Keaton to the limits as they faced the final cut before the finale when Season 17 would name America’s Favorite Dancer. After this week, only two dancers were left standing.

Alexis and Keaton

A new style in the semi-finals? You bet! Nakul Dev Mahajan choreographed a Bollywood duet for Alexis and Keaton this week. The judges loved the attention to detail, and the way this duo kept up their stamina throughout this complex and energetic routine.

Essence and Alexis

Pushing Essence back into contemporary and showing off the teamwork these two dancers are capable, of this duet choreographed by gave Leah goosebumps. JoJo and tWitch were also proud to see the way that they connected and kept up with one another with confidence.


Back in her style, Essence worked with All-Star dancer Robert Green and choreographer Mel Charlot for a hip hop routine about two window washers. “You dancing next to star, but you’re a star as well,” tWitch told Essence, complimenting her confidence. Leah and JoJo agreed, advising Essence to keep it up to impress and win over the audience.


Robert Roldan choreographed Keaton’s duet with All-Star Audrey Case that brought the emotion and had JoJo on her feet. tWitch praised Keaton for his confidence and conviction, but Leah thought there wasn’t enough emotion in his face.


Leonardo Barrionuevo and Miriam Larici were the choreographers behind Alexis’ tango with All-Star Kiki Nyemchek this week. JoJo was impressed with the quality Alexis brings to every single step, and tWitch agreed. tWitch and Leah both wanted to see more investment in the character she played in the piece, though.

Keaton and Essence

The final duo, Keaton and Essence took on jazz with choreographer Ellenore Scott. Working on this routine, Keaton struggled with detail while Essence pushed to up her prop work. On stage, they both owned the style even though it wasn’t either dancer’s strong suit. JoJo was impressed with Essence’s commitment (she ended the routine on one foot) and Keaton’s ability to take on the character the routine asked of him.

The Elimination

The studio audience voted. The dancers advancing to the finale next week are Keaton and Alexis. Unfortunately, Essence received the least votes this week. Essence left on a high note, proud of everything she’s done to reach the Top 3 and congratulating her fellow contestants. “I just feel so good. Alexis and Keaton, you guys deserve everything that comes to you guys, and I told them, ‘Y’all I don’t care what happens, I’m a winner!'”

The finale of So You Think You Can Dance airs on Fox Wednesday, August 10 at 9pm ET.