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Last week, the So You Think You Can Dance judges saved all of the bottom dancers. With no one going home, the Top 6 contestants continued this week, and a big elimination was on the way. The Top 6 went head to head for the first time in the history of the competition.

Along with the night’s group performances, each dancer would compete a solo against another contestant. After the paired solos, the studio audience voted to send one dancer from each pair home. At the end of the night, only three dancers remained in the competition.

Group Performances

The Girls

Mel Charlot choreographed a beauty parlor hip hop routine for the Top 3 girls. In colorful wigs and silky leisure looks, Essence, Ralyn, and Alexis took their moves from the hair dryers to the manicure table and back. tWitch complimented Essence for being “in her moment” but wanted to see more from Alexis. JoJo and Leah strongly disagreed with tWitch and had plenty of compliments for Alexis, but JoJo did notice that the stamina wasn’t consistent throughout.

The Boys

Dominique Kelley took Keaton, Beau, and Carter to Broadway for a competitive train conductor routine. Vests, pinstripe pants, and smooth moves were the moment in this jazzy routine. Leah thought Keaton and Carter did really well but wasn’t sure Beau had enough time to shine. JoJo disagreed, saying that everyone had their moment, and tWitch advised the studio audience to be careful with their votes. (Oh, and don’t forget the Keaton danced so hard he ripped his pants!)

Carter, Beau, and Ralyn

Uh, oh! We have a love triangle in this routine! In a serious routine choreographed by Chase Haley Bowden, Beau and Carter have to compete for Ralyn’s love. “Some dances are danced, and others are works of arts…and this was a work of art,” JoJo said of their performance. tWitch was concerned about Beau’s commitment level, though.

Essence, Alexis, and Keaton

Dancing undercover agents were Jonathan Redavid’s vision for this routine. Spys Alexis and Essence were after the villainous Keaton. tWitch was happy to say that Alexis redeemed herself and Essence committed and showed her growth outside her genre.


Alexis and Carter

Friends since they were young dancers, it was emotional for Alexis and Carter to go head to head this week. These ballroom dancers both brought incredible skills to the stage. JoJo complimented both of them on being incredible entertainers.

Essence and Ralyn

Two dancers with big aspirations and two very different styles, Essence and Ralyn both brought everything to the stage. tWitch praised Essence for attacking every style throughout the competition and bringing it in her solo. He also had high compliments for Ralyn who really came out of her shell for this performance. “Both of y’all are stars!”

Beau and Keaton

The final match-up was one of power and confidence. Beau and Keaton brought so much emotion to the stage. Leah called these two “fine examples” for young boy dancers that want to dance like they do.

The Elminations

After Beau and Keaton performed, the studio audience voted. Alexis, Essence, and Keaton made it forward to next the semi-finals. Unfortunately, that means that Carter, Ralyn, and Beau were sent home this week.

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