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If you’re a Chicken Girls fan, then you probably familiar with sister actresses Annie and Hayley LeBlanc. They aren’t just Chicken Girls, though. These two are now taking sibling rivalry to a sweet new level. They recently announced a new series that will probably become one of our favorite new baking competition shows.

Nickelodeon will be hosting Annie vs. Haley in the “LeBake-Off” on YouTube. With a new episode airing every Friday starting April 20th, Annie and Hayley will be doing a lot of baking to prove which of the LeBlancs is the best LeBaker. Basically, it’s going to be a LeBattle filled with sugar, sprinkles, and frosting.

Each episode of Annie vs. Hayley will feature a mystery judge that Annie and Hayley’s fans also love. The trailer tells us that two of our judges are Jayden Bartels and Carson Lueders, but who knows who might show up (JoJo Siwa!?).