Crochet might just be the most wearable summer look. From crop tops to mesh dresses, crochet is cute and ready-to-wear and ready for the beach (which is honestly all we care about in the summer, right?).

The crochet revival has a very 70s feel since that is when the style was last super popular, and the crochet comeback is full of granny squares, flowers, and bright colors that can easily take a turn for the groovy. These looks are not a throwback, though! Modern styles are quickly making their way into the crochet scene, and we’re so excited to see how it continues to evolve as we move past chunky cardigans to warm-weather looks.

Many of the popular designs are basic enough that you could learn to make them yourself, but if you’re not a crafter or you’ve already fully booked your summer and don’t have time for another hobby, we found some of the cutest crochet summer looks to give you a head start on that perfect wardrobe.