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This week, So You Think You Can Dance returned with the Top 6 dancers and returning All-Stars in a western-themed group number choreographed by Mandy Korpinen and Elizabeth Petrin. Lex Ishimoto, Koine Iwasaki, Bailey Munoz, Amy Yakima, Comfort Fedoke, and Ezra Sosa joined the contestants for a night of dance that would put three dancers in danger of going home.

Carter and Bailey

Carter was paired up with Season 16 winner Bailey for a hip hop routine choreographed by Gabe De Guzman. This duo’s undead performance had both dancers in heavy costuming. tWitch was impressed by how low Carter was able to get and the energy that this routine brought. Bailey also had high compliments for his partner, “He’s a fighter!”

Alexis and Amy

Amy is a SYTYCD Season 10 winner, and choreographer Ellenore Sott called Alexis and Amy “a powerhouse pairing,” and that showed on stage. “The performance was unreal. I mean, you two dancing together is just a choreographer’s dream,” JoJo told this duo. tWitch also had high praise to give saying he felt as though was watching two winners dance.

Keaton and Ezra

Keaton was joined by Season 16 Top 6 contestant Ezra (who is back after joining Alexis for her audition this season) for a tense and competitive dance choreographed by Emma Slater and Sasha Farber. The judges were excited to see Keaton continue to show off the talent and technique that have made him a star this season.

Essence and Koine

Pushed to take on contemporary with Season 14 runner-up Koine and choreographer Jaci Royal, Essence had to bring technique and emotion this week. tWitch was proud to see Essence continuing to grow. Leah and JoJo were also excited to see how emotional and connected the performance was.

Beau and Lex

Contemporary with Talia Favia is no joke! Beau took the stage with Season Season 14 winner Lex this week for a routine about addiction. Truly a routine that gives you chills, the audience stood up after this routine. From crying audience members to tWitch’s compliments on Beau’s powerful storytelling, this was a performance to remember!

Ralyn and Comfort

The last duo to perform this week was Ralyn and Season 4 Top 8 contestant Comfort Fedoke. These two created a dramatic housewives hip hop routine with choreographer Luther Brown. Leah was in love with the character in this performance, but JoJo conflicted and thought the routine was very one-note. tWitch disagreed, complimenting the story, groove, bounce, and character of the routine.

The Bottom Three

The three dancers in danger this week, after the studio audience voted, were Ralyn, Beau, and Alexis. The judges looked stressed when these dancers were revealed. For each of these dancers, it was their second time in the bottom.

Only one dancer could be saved, but tWitch revealed that the judges could not reach a consensus. For the second time this season, no dancers were eliminated at the end of the night.

Next week the Top 6 will return again, and this time someone will be going home. So You Think You Can Dance airs on Fox Wednesdays at 9pm ET.

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