Say hello to a fresh new ‘do’!

Trying a new hairstyle is always exciting. It might not seem like a huge change, but it can give me almost a whole new perspective on the day! Spring is quickly approaching, and following the lead of the latest in fashion, it’s time to spice things up with some fresh new hairstyles.

These are my current favorite hairstyles and how I style them to look fabulous pretty much anywhere–plus all the details from scrunchies, to jewelry, to velvet leotards. You have probably seen these looks before on runways and red carpets, but remember to have fun with it and make these styles your own! Who knows, you might start the next major trend.

High Ponytail Braid

Seen on the red carpet as multiple celeb’s go-to look, the sleek high ponytail works pretty much anywhere.

To achieve this look, align your ponytail right where you want it, and before you add your hair ties, take your brush to smooth out your hair in an upward motion! Pro tip: Use multiple hair ties for extra security (especially for dancers) Once your high ponytail is up and feeling good, wrap a small piece of hair from the back around it to hide hair elastics and secure it with a few bobby pins. Then it’s time to braid. Simple braids, fishtails, or twists, they all look fierce. Once your braid is complete, you are ready to rock it! Go, diva.

Outfit Details

Scrunchie Buns

Buns like these always make an appearance during festival season, and with warmer weather right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to add them to your look.

Start with your comb and part your hair down the center. Then brush up your hair on each side into your desired bun height! You can go for high buns on top of your head or low buns on the bottom. These buns can even work with your hair half up half down, leaving some hair down on the bottom! Tease your buns for volume and add in your fav scrunchies! (ICYMI: The scrunchie no longer belongs to the 80s.) Make sure to put some extra bobby pins in your buns if you are wearing these to dance class!

Outfit Details

Tied Twists

A classic look with a twist, this easy updo will only take a few minutes to achieve but will look stunning all day.

For this look, you’ll want to grab your comb. Start by giving yourself a nice, even middle part. Next, take one side from the top front, section off a small piece, and start twisting your hair from the front to the back, rotating your hands towards your middle part! Repeat on the other side and connect both pieces of hair together with a hair elastic or a scrunchie. You can leave the rest of your hair down, or if you are going to dance class, you can secure the rest of your hair into the pony with the twists. Fabulous!

Outfit Details

My final piece of advice? Don’t forget the hairspray!

We would love to see how you style your hair for dance class or everyday fun.  Tag me (@royalcouturexo) and Showstopper (@goshowstopper) on social media with the hashtag #RoyalCoutureXShowstopper if you try out any of these looks!

Christy Lyn

P.S. All the leotards pictured above are by Royal Couture, shop these velvet looks at and style your leotards into your favorite outfits from the studio to the street!

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Christy Lyn is a ballerina, model, designer, and choreographer. She started dancing at a very young age and currently choreographs and trains in multiple styles of dance with a focus in ballet. Her choreography work has debuted at the Lincoln Center in the Youth America Grand Prix Gala, “Stars of Today Meet the Stars of Tomorrow.” Christy walks and dances in fashion shows for national and international designers at LAFW and NYFW. She is also the unstoppable designer and founder of the chic dance fashion brand Royal Couture.