Know a dancer whose birthday is coming up soon? Or do you just want to surprise a friend with a thoughtful gift? Sometimes it can be fun to switch it up when it comes to gifts and do something a bit more personal and unique. What better way to do that than to DIY your own gift? Here are some easy gift ideas you can make for your dance friends next time you need a gift:

Nail Polish Kit

This one is simple and just requires the basic necessities for doing your nails. Start with a cute bag or container. Then pick out some fun nail polish colors (favorite colors, dance team colors, rainbow!) and complete the kit with a nail file, nail clippers, and even nail accessories. Perfect for someone who always has their nails painted, this is a gift with style! 

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Dancer Survival Kit

if you know a dancer who is always on the go specifically at competitions or intensives, this gift is a must. It can be hard to remember to pack everything when you are focused on competing, so a kit filled with the essentials is a thoughtful way to help alleviate some of the stress. Hair ties, hand sanitizer, lip balm, mini hairspray, and more can all go in a cute pouch that reminds you of them (or that you decorate yourself!). The possibilities are endless for what and how much you could include.

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Blow their Socks Off

If you want to do something more simple and silly, why not create a funny and functional gift? Find a fun pair of socks (you know Target is always there when you need quirky socks) and Blow Pops, and it’s that simple. Use ribbon to tie a bow that wraps secures the socks around the Blow Pop. This one is sure to make them laugh, and it’s a great motivational gift for someone about to perform or audition!

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Candy Lightbulb

if you know a dancer who enjoys candy and puns this one is perfect. You can get a plastic lightbulb-shaped container and some candy such as m & ms or skittles and fill the lightbulb with it. Then you can make the little note that goes around the lightbulb. It is super simple but still seems creative.

Some options for the note:

  • You LIGHT up my life.
  • You SHINE on stage.
  • Everything is BRIGHT with you around.


As a dancer you constantly need to be staying hydrated which means you need something to put the water in. What could be better than a personalized tumbler with your friend’s name on it? You could also include things such as the name of your dance studio, the year, their nickname, and fun stickers!

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