JoJo Siwa is known for going all-out with sparkles. Head-to-toe rhinestone outfits, sparkling makeup, and of course, accessories are all part of JoJo’s look. If you keep up with JoJo, then you’ve probably noticed that her ears are also often decked out with sparkling jewelry. With so much sparkle on, you might wonder if it hurt to get all of those piercings, but JoJo recently revealed the secret to her ear bling.

“Everyone’s always asking me about my ear piercings, but there’s a secret. None of them are real.” JoJo said in an Instagram Reel. It turns out that even JoJo’s simplest earrings are just rhinestones. Still confused? JoJo broke it down for us.

The process is pretty simple. “First I take my glue, my Bitz Stick, and a piece of paper. Get the stones out, put the glue on a piece of paper, and then it’s time to go to town,” JoJo explained. The rhinestone tool JoJo is using is the Bitz Stick by her mom Jessalyn Siwa’s rhinestone company Bling Bitz Rhinestones.

“I’ll use one end of the Bitz Stick for the glue and the other end for the rhinestones. I’ll put the glue on my ear, pop the stone right on that, and then I’ll repeat that as many times for as many earrings as I’m feeling that day. Normally I put like 12, 15. It only takes me like two minutes to do, and it is always so fun. I can get so creative. The glue’s really sticky, but it is worth it because these will stay on for a couple of days.”

Blinging out your ears is as simple as that! Thanks for the tip, JoJo!