“This isn’t my debut album.” Thomas Day has big plans for what it will sound like when he releases his first big project to the world, but he is giving us a (not) debut in the meantime.

To be clear, Thomas Day’s Love Me For Another Day is his first album release, but he sees it more as an anthology of his work up to this point than his debut. “Those words come with a lot of extra meaning, and I’m not there yet.” Thomas shared. “This project is a collection of songs that I wrote and recorded when I was 18 and 19, trying to figure out what kind of artist I want to be.” He calls Love Me For Another Day a “snapshot of my absolute bleeding heart” that he hopes listeners can find comfort in.

Featuring some of Thomas’ most loved songs and his brand-new release “I Don’t Wanna Leave Just Yet,” this album is a chapter in music and self-discovery. Since graduating high school and deciding to pursue music instead of continuing his football career in college, Thomas has fully committed to being the down-to-earth soulful pop star his fans know and love. From heartfelt mood-boosters like “Wildflower” to the powerful love songs he is known for, Thomas is putting it all into music.

While it might seem like releasing an album is the perfect time to get settled into a creative routine, Thomas is gearing up for a tour alongside the release. The Love Me For Another Day Tour will start October 17, just 10 days before the album is out, in Columbus, Ohio and take Thomas from city to city until he plays his last song in San Francisco, California November 15. Tickets are on sale now.

Thomas has been experimenting with his sound and aesthetic since he fully committed to music in 2021. It’s thrilling to see how that has been stitched together into this project, and it will be interesting to see how this milestone becomes a point of comparison for when he does find the words for his real debut.

You can pre-save Love Me For Another Day now. The album is out October 27, 2023.

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