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Music is one of the most important parts of choreographing a new dance, but finding the perfect music can be a struggle if you’re looking for a spark of inspiration! One way to get the tunes (and your ideas) flowing is to check out the trending artists of the moment. The Top 100 could be exactly where the right beat, message, or aesthetic is hiding! These artists are trendsetters with a variety of styles for routines from hip hop to contemporary.


Choreographing something with a beat? For jazz, hip hop, and funk, SZA is your girl. For artists who like to read and dance between the lines, the background instrumentals of her music give you a lot to play with. Her songs also feature different levels that give you room to experiment with the flow of the dance and keep things interesting.

Trending SZA Songs

  • “Snooze”
  • “Low”
  • “Hate U”
  • “Good Days”  

Doja Cat

TikTok queen Doja Cat is an artist that we all know and love her music, the second artist is Doja Cat. Her music is definitely perfect for hip hop routines and group performances with its high-energy lyrics and beat drops.

Trending Doja Cat Songs

  • “Paint the Town Red”
  • “Attention”
  • “Get Into It”


We don’t see enough of Drake’s music in the dance world. He has an amazing variety of songs and albums with great levels and textures to play with. Stepping into Drake’s discography for your next routine could be what makes you stand out!

Trending Drake Songs

  • “Passionfruit”
  • “God’s Plan”
  • “One Dance”

Dermot Kennedy

If you’re more of a lyrical, jazz dancer, Dermot Kennedy is an artist that fits the genre well. With heavy instrumentals and soulful lyrics, Dermot Kennedy’s songs have the weight a lot of choreographers are looking for when it comes to slower more emotional routines.

Trending Dermot Kennedy Songs

  • “Outnumbered”
  • “Better Days”
  • “Power Over Me”
  • “An Evening I Will Not Forget”

Tate McRae

Rising pop star Tate McRae writes relatable and emotional songs, that leave you with a lot of material for your next dance. A dancer herself, Tate has even danced in some of her music videos! It’s practically made for dancing and finding your space within it.

Trending Tate McRae Songs

  • “You Broke Me First”
  • “Chaotic”
  • “Friends Don’t Look at Friends That Way”
  • “Boy X”

Noah Kahan

Noah Kahan is an artist who has recently started to step into the spotlight. His songs feel like they tell a story and provide a great opportunity to make a story-telling piece filled with emotion.

Trending Noah Kahan Songs

  • “Dial Drunk”
  • “False Confidence”
  • “Anyway”
  • “Call Your Mom”
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