Brenton Giesey

Just last year, singer-songwriter Thomas Day made the big leap into music. After balancing football and music throughout high school, this Tennessee-based artist decided to fully commit to signing to a record label and pursue a career in music. Thomas has captured hearts on TikTok and his songs have a vulnerable throughline you can’t help but latch onto. “Wildflower,” his latest single, is a vibrant burst of color and hope.

Thomas has been in love with music since he started getting into musical theater when he was 9 years old, but the stage wasn’t his only passion. A star kicker on his high school’s football team, Thomas was set to follow football all the way to college. Football wasn’t Thomas’ dream, though. He calls his decision to move to music full-time post-graduation “the best decision I have ever made, and I have never been happier.”

While many of Thomas’ songs—like his summer single “not my job anymore”—have a more melancholy feel, “Wildflower” is a pop of color in his discography. “I have a lot of emotional songs,” Thomas said of his music and how “Wildflower” fits into his sound. “[“Wildflower”] fits well because it’s happy but also hopeful in a way of knowing it’s ok to be broken.”


i literally got my heart broke and poured it into this song💔

♬ original sound – Thomas Day ❤️

“Come crashing down and land safely,” Thomas sings on the track. These are his favorite lyrics from “Wildflower.” “I love this lyric because it’s basically saying we can completely break in half but still be ok,” Thomas told us. A song about noticing things aren’t great and looking toward the brighter spots in life, “Wildflower” isn’t a song about making things perfect or ignoring hard times. It’s a celebration of the moments when the sun comes out from behind the clouds.

Accompanied by a vibrantly floral music video, “Wildflower” comes to life in fields of flowers, murals, and scenes with Thomas and an artist in the video. Thomas shared that creating the music video was a “very beautiful process.” “The aesthetics and everything about the video matched the song so well.” Even hiccups during filming are happy memories. One of Thomas’ favorite behind-the-scenes moments is tripping and falling into a bunch of flowers while running.

“Wildflower” has summer vibes we’ll definitely be chasing through the rest of the year. We can expect more sunshine from Thomas, too. “I love all of you for showing so much love to me. Expect more music from me soon — I think it’s some of the best work I have ever created!” 

“Wildflower” is streaming now on all major music platforms.