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If you’re anything like us, then the severe lack of dance movies is nothing short of disappointing. But, when one comes around, it’s a special treat for all of us who like to turn our bodies into art and move and groove for fun. Luckily, one of those special dance movies made its way out into the world this week!

To The Beatstars Sparkle Society member and Dance Moms star Jayden Bartels, actress Laura Krystine, model Brisa Lalich. It is a teen dance movie about fourteen-year-old twins Mackie (Laura Krystine) and Mia Castillo (Brisa Lalich) who have been dancing since they were toddlers. They support each other’s passion through competitions and rehearsals, even though they prefer different styles: Mia loves tap and Mackie loves jazz.

“This film means the world to me and I’m so proud
of everyone involved. I hope that kids enjoy watching it and maybe even learn a thing or two about
kindness and supporting their friends and family!”

– Jillian Clare​, DIrector

Everything changes when their favorite pop star (Chris Trousdale) launches an online contest to find the most unique dancers for his new music video. The twins each form their own team (one tap, one jazz) to compete. With the help of their family and friends, Pauly (Jaheem Toombs) and Doug (Trevor Larcom), they campaign for the most votes on social media. Meanwhile, their arch-rival and neighbor Avery, (Jayden Bartels), uses her charm and resources to gain the upper hand in the competition. There’s so much dance drama in this movie, you won’t be able to look away for a second!

Lucky for us, there’s no wait on this fabulous film because it made its DVD debut this week! You can buy or rent the movie across all platforms including iTunes and Amazon.


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