Sometimes you just want to sit back, relax, and watch awesome dancers show off their moves. While we could totally rewatch our favorite SYTYCD performances or watch TikTok challenges, we’re falling for these new videos. Check out some of our favorite dance videos from the last week.

1. Slavik and Aubrey’s Ellen performance

You might remember Slavik Pustovoytov from Season 15 of SYTYCD. He and Aubrey Fisher have become an iconic TikTok dance duo.

2. Bailey Sok’s “AP” choreography

Are you every tired of watching Bailey dance? (The correct answer is no.)

3. Kinjaz’s “Piece of You” choreography

This Kinjaz choreography makes us want to spend more time in the spotlight.

4. Dytto’s “We’re Good” dance video

Dytto proving once again that you can dance anywhere anytime.

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