Photographer: PRIME @victorianprime / Creative Producer: Erini Sadek @erinisadek / Stylist: Kristiana Cox @hersheys_kris

Aria Brooks (AKA singer/songwriter ARIA) is back with another powerful single. The song, “twinnin’ (feat. AteloMidas)” is ARIA’s fourth single, and like her previous work, it is boosted not only by her vocals but also by her passionate activism.

Her most recent single, “Am I Next?” was activism-focused and centered around the dangers faced by Black people in the United States. “twinnin'” follows suit to broadly explore the ways that fame and authenticity compete in a social media-driven world creating digital environments where it can be easier to prioritize fitting in than doing what you really love. Once again, ARIA is asking us to look around and have a reality check. Is what you’re putting out in the world authentic to you?

“Authenticity is so rare in the media,” ARIA shared with us, “because people feel the need to be a certain way for success.” When success looks a particular way, it can seem as though successful only look and do specific things that fit into algorithms, but ARIA wants to see more people being themselves. “The best people are the ones who are relatable and true to themselves.”

“twinnin'” is out now and available to stream on Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, YouTube, and more.

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