Christmas is right around the corner! You have probably started shopping, but if you haven’t or there are still dancers on your list, it might be hard to think of a unique or useful dance gift. Read on for 10 gifts that will get them twirling and dancing with happiness.

Turn Board 


Turn boards or discs are great for any dancer who wants to practice turns at home. They are small, portable, lightweight, and easy to use for any age. Plus, you can look at different sizes to match the needs of the dancer you’re gifting to!

Get this one on Amazon for $26.95.



If you know a dancer who wants to practice turns on a bigger floor but doesn’t have a floor suitable for turning, this is where a Dot2Dance comes in handy. It is basically a portable dance floor. They come in multiple different sizes and make a great gift.

Get one on Amazon for $120.50+.

Stretch Band

Target / Letsfit

It’s important to keep your muscles flexible and active as a dancer and stretch bands are great for doing just that! They allow you to stretch anywhere, anytime. 

Get these from Target for $19.99.

Fitness Watch

Target / Letsfit

Fitness watches are great for anyone who enjoys working out outside of dance class. This can be used for tracking steps on a walk, tracking your heartbeat on a job, and so much more. They come in many different colors, brands, and price ranges.

Get the Letsfit 1.55in LCD Color Screen Smartwatch from Target for $69.99.

Water Bottle

Target / Ello

A classic (and customizable!) gift, every dancer needs a water bottle as staying hydrated is so important. The best one for a day of class is an insulated metal one, these keep the water cold throughout the entire day.

Foam Roller


After a long day of dance, there is no better feeling than rolling out sore muscles. That’s why every dancer should have a foam roller. They are great to travel with and will make sure to keep your dancer feeling strong and healthy.

Get this foam roller from Amazon for $16.99.

Exercise Mat

Target / Blogilates

These are perfect if you know a dancer who wants to work on tricks such as handstands, aerials, etc. It allows a safe place to practice new skills at home. These come in many different sizes so you are sure to find one that fits your needs.

Get this mat from Target for $21.99.

Balance Board


Balance boards are such a good gift for dancers as they are always on their feet and it’s important to maintain that strength. These boards are often small and portable and allow dancers to practice strengthening their feet and lower back while also improving their sense of balance.

Get this balance board from Amazon for $68.95.

Dance Bag

Target / Wildkin

Dancers tend to carry a lot of things with them for class, conventions, competitions, etc. This means they need something to carry it all in, such as a cute duffel bag. Bonus points if it’s one that has storage inside such as different pockets so they can stay organized. 

Get this sparkly duffel at Target for $47.99.

Athletic Wear

Target / Yogalicious

A dancer can never have too many outfits to wear, especially if it’s basic things such as workout tanks or spandex shorts and leggings. Find something in their favorite color!

Get these leggings from Target for $29.99.

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Trina Hannah is a graphic design major and dancer at Siena Heights University. She loves all things creative including photography, painting, and writing. Trina has a passion for helping other young women build up their self esteem and chase their dreams all while making a positive impact.