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Singer, dancer, and creator Jordi released her debut song just last month, but she’s been building up to this for a while. Creative projects have always been Jordi’s passion as she explored different kinds of performance as a kid even before making her way into music. Jordi’s fans love her for her covers of popular songs and skits on TikTok, and she’s excited to now be sharing original music with them as well.

We caught up with Jordi to get an inside look at her new single “Hate You” and what it has been like to put it out into the world.

Showstopper Magazine Online: Tell us a bit about yourself. 

Jordi: Hi! I’m Jordi! I’m 19 and from Myrtle Beach, SC. I pretty much grew up in the dance studio and was constantly doing something creative, singing, dancing, making funny videos, etc. I’ve always known what I’ve wanted to do from an early age. It was very easy to see that I had a passion for being on stage and performing.

In September of 2018, I started posting videos on TikTok leaning into my funny side, which has been pretty easy because I’m a pretty big goofball even offline. My videos took off almost instantly and I continued to grow an amazingly special relationship with my fans over the years and am so excited to finally be able to share something that’s such a big part of who I am.

SMO: Your debut single “Hate You” came out last month! What inspired the song?

Jordi: “Hate You” is a very emotional song for me, I wrote it while going through a very tough heartbreak, I really wanted to write a song that captured what I was feeling, the feeling of not being able to hate someone even after they hurt you, it’s such a confusing thing to still have so much love for someone who was also the reason you were crying yourself to sleep. I think that the lyrics really capture what that’s like.

SMO: What is it like to release your first song? 

Jordi: It’s honestly such a crazy feeling to finally have music out in the world. I went from writing songs in my room to releasing something that I’m so very proud of. I genuinely cannot wait to be able to share more of what I’m working on!

SMO: What drives your music?

Jordi: I typically write about things I’ve been through. I think when the lyrics feel personal and genuine that’s when the song can really resonate with the listener. I really focus on feeling something through my lyrics and the music. Whether that inspires you to sing in your room at 3 a.m. to the mirror or helps you get through a breakup, I just want there to be a connection through the music!

SMO: What do you hope people get from “Hate You”? 

Jordi: Even though the song is so personal to me I really want the fans to be able to relate it to whatever their situation is. I think there’s something so special about hearing a song and feeling like the artist knows exactly what you’re going through.

SMO: Do you have a favorite line in the song?

Jordi: “Underneath the games you played, I know that you’re thoughtful, and that only makes this worse. I wish you were awful.”

I don’t think I could’ve written a more accurate lyric to explain it. The thought of knowing that they broke your heart but underneath the games and mistakes that they have nothing but love for you and good intentions make it ten thousand times more difficult to navigate how to feel.

SMO: What should people expect following your debut? 

Jordi: I’ve been writing so much music behind the scenes, and you can definitely expect new music sooner than you think.

SMO: Is there anything else you want people to know about “Hate You” or your music in general? 

Jordi: “Hate You” is such a special song to me, not only is it my first song released but it’s also one of my favorites I’ve written. I want everyone who hears it to scream it at the top of their lungs because that’s the only proper way to sing it.

“Hate You” is streaming now on all platforms.

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