1. Read the Audition Notice

The audition notice will include all the information you need from what to wear to when to arrive. Read over it carefully and make sure that you are aware of everything the company or team expects of you in your audition. Looking confused does not make the best impression, but don’t be afraid to ask questions!

2. Come Prepared

You don’t want to get to the audition and realize that you’re short a hair tie, or worse yet, shoes! Make sure that you have everything in your bag that you’ll need. This means hair-ties, bobby pins, headphones, and of course glitter!

3. Don’t Overthink It

No audition will ever be the end of the world, so try not to get to caught up in what-ifs! Auditioning is a stressful nerve-wracking process all by itself. Don’t psych yourself out!

4. Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for a reason. Dancing on an empty stomach has never done anyone any favors! Get up, have a good breakfast, and give yourself time to get ready (dancing in the mirror the whole time of course!).

5. Arrive Early

Not only does showing up early make a good impression, it also gives you time to stretch, get in a little extra practice and let the judges see you. You cannot make a good impression if you’re not there, so show up 15-30 minutes early. Don’t sit around sizing up the competition. Your only real competition is yourself, so get out there and do your best!

6. Smile!

Attitude is everything. Show the judges that sparkling personality! No one likes a moody dancer. You might feel silly, but it’s better to look a little silly with a big grin than to look grumpy by having a blank or frowny face. Besides, do you really need an excuse to show off that beautiful smile?

7. Stretch

Every good dance routine begins with a nice stretch. Make sure you work your way through stretches for every part of your body from arms to legs, head to toes. You will thank yourself for it later!

8. Perform

It’s best not to treat your audition like a competition. The judges are not looking for the best dancer but the one that best meets their artistic criteria. Don’t change up the choreography unless they ask you to. Take whatever they throw at you and give it your all. Show them that their routine was made for you!

9. Be Yourself!

Dancers are like snowflakes. No two are alike. Your competitors will be performing the same routines, so show your personality. They will be able to tell the difference between someone getting into the dance and someone who is just trying to work through the routine.

10. Relax

You have totally got this! Give it your all. Whether you get it or not, every audition is a learning experience. After the audition, give yourself a hand! Just going for it and trying to improve makes you a winner no matter what!

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