1. Practice with a purpose– Make every move count. Walk into every practice as if it’s your last. It will make competition day a breeze.
  2. Stretch– Stretch every morning, day and night until you feel as bendable as a pretzel. It keeps you from getting injured, and improves everything dance wise.
  3. Prep your skin– Make sure you are doing daily or weekly facial masks, lip scrubs and so forth to ensure your skin is picture Perf on dance day.
  4. Deep condition your hair– You hair is going to go through a lot of pulling and pinning once competition season starts so make sure you are giving it some good TLC leading up to competition. Deep conditioning once a week is great!
  5. Jog it out- Your body can plateau if  dance is your only form exercise. Make sure you incorporate another workout style to keep your stamina up. Jogging is a great way to increase your endurance while on stage.  This is going to he super helpful if you’re competing in more than one dance number.
  6. Meditate–  Meditation is a great way to calm yourself down from all of the nerves and excitement of the upcoming weeks. It’s a way to be one with yourself. So try it out!
  7. Practice in your glam– The best way to make sure you’re prepared is to practice in your full on make-up and costumes. It prepares you for any mishaps you may have, and allows you to be overly prepared. It’ll let you know if your eyelash glue is strong enough, or if that double sided tape just isn’t strong enough.
  8. Try Mirror Free– Run through your dance without a mirror a few times. This allows you to get the feel for not being able to look at the next person in the mirror. It helps create confidence in you.
  9. Positive affirmations– This is great for dance and life in general. Write little positive notes to yourself and recite them every morning in the mirror. Seeing is believing, so if you think and say you’re going to be great, then YOU my love are going to be great!
  10. Fuel up– Make sure you are feeling your body up with nothing but love. By that I mean fruits, veggies and lots of water. Trust me, your dancing will be on point!
  11. Guzzle Guzzle– Try doing a water challenge. Basically you make sure you drink a full glass of water as soon as you wake up. It will put you in a great mood, and give you all the energy you need for those long comp days.
  12. Be uplifting– Make an effort to be super sweet to all of your teammates. They are freaking out just like you!
  13. Make a list– Make a list of goals you want to accomplish this season with your team. Great way to bond and make dancing with them even more fun.
  14. Makeup haul– Make sure you go through all of your makeup to ensure you have everything you need. Mascara should be thrown out every six months so make sure you’re not using the same one from last year.
  15. Get ahead– School def comes before dance, so make sure you are ahead on all of your work. It will help you manage all of the stress of the upcoming weeks and keep you from getting behind.
  16. Pearly whites– Pre comp time is perfect for making sure your teeth are white and healthy. You want to have the brightest smile on stage so make sure that is on your to-do list. If you go over to our DIY tab, there are some great at home tips you can use.
  17. Teacher Talk– Talk to your teacher about her about ways you can personally improve. This allows you to see things you need to work on.
  18. Video prep– Record yourself going over the number so you can pick certain areas to work on.
  19. Agenda– Make an agenda for the day of comp, this helps you feel at ease and seriously prepare.
  20. Sleeppp– Get your rest girl. Every glam girl needs her beauty sleep. A well rested body is sure to provide some awsomeness.
  21. Reflect– Always remember why you love doing this. It helps keep you grounded and humble. Have fun, and go hard. You’ve got this girl!
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