DON’T Do it All by Yourself

No one ever became successful without the help and support of those around them. Whether those people are other experts in your field or just people you rely on for advice, make sure that you have a support system and that you use it! Your main group here? Your fellow dance teachers, especially those in your studio. Bond with them, and make sure working as a team is a priority.

DON’T Think of Dance as Your “Day Job”

Even if dance is your career, it’s also your passion. Don’t forget what motivated you to dance in the first place–your love of the art form and the sport. Dance might be your job, your career, but it’s not a job. You want to work hard without feeling like you’re putting in time at work. A lot of this comes down to preventing burnout and keeping motivation high.

DON’T Think Everything has to Happen at Once

Take on each task with a careful plan in mind. Sometimes getting a task done will take a week. Sometimes you’ll only be able to contribute small bits of your time to it over a longer period. That doesn’t mean you aren’t working or that you aren’t being productive! It’s all about budgeting your time and managing your tasks in a way that is effective and keeps things moving. You don’t have to be making life-changing innovations every day.