We can’t forget about 2021 fashion yet. The creativity, the glam! It’s wild to think that we are already moving on to a brand new year full of possibilities. New Year’s to me means celebration, celebration of life, love, family, friends, art, dance, and all that we have been through and overcome. It’s also the perfect time to celebrate fashion and you!

Whether you have parties to attend or you just want to celebrate continuing to be your best self this January, the perfect outfit is all you need. Why not look red carpet ready on a Tuesday or ready for your closeup at your next get-together? You never need an excuse to be glam!


Queen, let your inner glow shine and stand out this season with a sparkling fit! This glam sequin look screams CELEBRATION (in all caps, of course). From sequins to rhinestones and jewels, you really can’t go wrong with adding a little (or a lot!) sparkle to your outfit.

Harper’s Bazaar says, “A sequin dress has an instant wow factor,” and I have to agree. You can never have too much sparkle. Shine and shimmer by adding your favorite accessories or a glowy glistening highlighter to your makeup look. You will definitely be making a grand entrance into every room you strut into with this look!

“She who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten.”

Kate Spade

Classic Glam

The blazer. The dress. The boots. This combination is always a knockout. Fierce and chic and everything sweet, the color of the moment is red! Glam is all about the pops and decorations. I love red as the highlight of a glitzy look. InStyle says, “You can’t go wrong with red,” whether you’re working a bold monochromatic red look, a red accessory, or a showstopping red lip.

The color red was a feature in 2021 runway shows by designers including Tommy Hilfiger, Alexandre McQueen, Gucci, Balenciaga, and so many others. Red symbolizes strength, love, energy! It’s the ultimate “let’s do this” color. Grab the red pieces from your closet and get going!

WHen in doubt, wear red.


Pro tip: You can totally use red as an accent color. If you are wearing something neutral, try tying in this bold shade with accessories like handbags, jewelry, headbands, or shoes!

Layers and Color

Adding more pops of color into my wardrobe is totally one of my 2022 New Year’s resolutions! Pairing bright colors can completely change your outfit’s aesthetic and make it so fun and exciting. To add color to this glam winter look, I used a colorful sweater vest and skirt set as my base. Matching separates are a trend I have really been loving. Depending on the weather, from there you just layer to your heart’s desire! Practical and fashionable? Love!

I also added furry wristlets to my arm sleeves and a black knit turtleneck and tank underneath the vest to keep things warm and cozy. The final layers include some fun black tights and my go-to black leather platform boots. You can totally layer your favorite winter coat over a look like this and a matching hat, too!

The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.

Coco Chanel

How are you going to style your glam fashion looks this season? Show us! Tag me (@royalcouturexo) and Showstopper (@goshowstopper) on social media with the hashtag #RoyalCoutureXShowstopper to show us how you celebrate your personal glam.

Christy Lyn