Photographer: Niki Victoria

We love when our favorite people try new things, to see them have fun and explore. For TikTok sensation Brooklynne Webb, exploring new and exciting things is just part of her day job, but one of her most recent projects is so off-the-wall, you have to laugh (and she wants you to).

17-year-old Brooklynne is a body positivity advocate and model who, despite a following that she says takes her very seriously, is really having a lot of fun. That’s how she got into TikTok in the first place. Originally creating her account with friends at school because the videos they watched and made were funny, Brooklynne never expected TikTok to be something more. “As I started using the app more and more, it turned into something serious and something I actually really loved to do.”

With more than 10 million followers on TikTok, it’s safe to say that the platform is Brooklynne’s full-time job, and she’s making the most of it for herself and her fans. Part of that is showing herself in a “raw and unfiltered way” online. There are a lot of things Brooklynne loves to do from fabulous makeup looks to the POV videos that got her started, but no matter what she wants people to know that she’s a real person and that she (and the rest of us) don’t just wake up runway ready. That’s real, and that’s okay.

“People will just judge someone off the way they look, and that’s not right, but people love to make snap judgments. Other people’s opinions never matter because it’s truly a value that you know you hold within yourself, and it has nothing to do with your outer appearance,” Brooklynne told us about part of why showing that reality in her content is important to her. It’s all about celebrating yourself! “I’m only happy when I’m genuinely being myself, and I’m only happy with my content when I’m putting out things that make me feel enjoyable [sic] and happy.”

Photographer: Niki Victoria

One project that has recently been bringing Brooklynne a lot of happiness is her single “My Crown” which came out last month and has been full of fun and surprises for Brooklynne and her fans. The song is technically her debut, but she’s not trying to become a pop star (too late, Brooklynne?) “I really wanted to create something that was just generally very fun and not meant to be taken super seriously.”

Since it came out, “My Crown” has spent time as a TikTok favorite (have you done Brooklynne’s dance for the chorus yet?), a music video, and even an album! Part of Brooklynne’s original idea was to “poke fun” at the less supportive comments and hate she sees on TikTok, but it seems to have become so much more, influencing collaborations, videos, and even style changes (including Emo Brooklynne).


maybe theses are only interesting to me but out of curiosity how many people knew all 5 LOL

♬ My Crown – XoBrooklynne

As if “My Crown” wasn’t enough trolling for Brooklynne, her roommate gave her the idea to release an album soon after…made up entirely of remixes. My Crown: The Album is a 14-track project made up of, you guessed it, “My Crown” over and over. Even though this is one more part of the joke, Brooklynne shared that it was cool to have people she loves on some of the remixes which cover a variety of genres from metal to hyper pop (one of Brooklynne’s personal favorites). It’s still funny, though. She told us that the joke only gets funnier to her over time.

“My Crown” also has a music video (or a few if you count some of the remix videos), and it’s full of things we love from sparkles and Brooklynne’s humor to a dance number. Centered around a prom theme, it all started with a crown, of course.

“I knew I wanted to do something to do with a crown” which led them to the prom queen idea. From there it all came together, and led to even more hilarious details like a nod to Carrie with Brooklynne getting slimed just as she’s crowned. A great moment, right? Well, it was until Brooklynne found out that the showers on set were freezing cold. She ended up having to use garbage bags “to keep the slime contained” until she could get home and de-slime herself!

Brooklynne shared that they had one rehearsal to figure out the dance scenes that we see in the music video. All of Brooklynne’s background dancers, including the choreographer, are her friends. A former studio dancer herself, Brooklynne told us that she has gone from 20 or 30 hours of dance a week to nothing at all since her rise to TikTok stardom. “To get to do a bit of that and put it into a music video and have that professional experience with all of my friends was one of my favorite parts of doing all of this.”

What’s next? “At first, people were a little bit confused, but then actually pretty instantly people were like ‘Whoa, this girl is actually funny. I did not expect this.'” That doesn’t mean she’s going to actually pursue music now, though (even though My Crown: The Album debuted at number 7 on the Spotify charts). “I really enjoy creating music, but I also have a lot of other passions,” she told us. She also shared that she’s pretty certain that we won’t be seeing any more music from her in the future.

It’s a new year, and while “My Crown” will probably be something Brooklynne has fun with for a while, she has her sights set on new experiences and projects, so you’ll have to follow along to see what she does next. “I think [2022 is] going to be a lot of discovery for me.”