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Chances are you’re always busy and on the go, balancing school, chores, and dance classes. With a packed dance schedule comes a lot of dancewear and of course, some extra laundry. Dance clothes can be more fragile than your everyday wear and need extra care, so you don’t always want to throw them in with any load.


While dance clothes often come with care and washing instructions for recommended washing cycle settings, soaps, and temperatures, the best way to wash and care for your dance clothes is by hand. This is more time-consuming than tossing them in the washing machine, but it will help extend the life of each piece. If you’re not up for the hand wash cycle, follow the directions on the labels of each item to get the water temperature right and wash on delicate with a light soap. The extra work and care keep your dancewear ready for class and performances.

And Dry

Just like washing your dance clothes, the way you dry them matters. Dance clothes often benefit from air-drying. For lighter clothes, a drying rack or clothesline that will allow air to circulate and dry the fabric is great. If you’re worried about stretching, lay them flat in a well-ventilated area. (Remember to flip once the front is dry!) If you have to use the dryer, a delicate or air-fluff setting are your best options for carefully drying your dancewear.

Don’t Forget Your Shoes!

Your most worn (and likely most in need of a wash) dancewear are your dance shoes! While it might seem intimidating, taking good care of your shoes is simpler than it looks. Hand wash or in a washing machine with a delicate cycle to maintain their shape. If you can wash them in a mesh laundry bag to protect them, even better! Once washed, air dry your shoes to prevent warping and cracking. To maintain their shape, you can stuff the with paper towels, rags, or newspaper to let them dry in the correct form.

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