Communication, both written and spoken, is one of the major ways you sell your studio’s personality and goals. Speaking well is a part of your professional image, regardless of whether you are talking on the telephone, making a presentation one-on-one or addressing a room full of people. And, working toward better public speaking skills will only benefit you and your studio’s image.

Back to School

One of the easiest ways to have your public speaking and presentation skills critiqued and improved is to take a class or attend a seminar (or even a webinar!) about public speaking. Classes that focus on speaking publicly will give you people to practice your skills on in a judgment-free zone. They are also valuable spaces to gain feedback!

Think Positively

If you approach every presentation you give and every conversation you have with a negative attitude, your chances of success decrease drastically! Approach people, classes, and presentations with a positive attitude. All it takes is a smile!

Practice Makes Perfect

The one thing that will make you better at public speaking is public speaking. You cannot master any skill without doing it! So, practice in real settings or in mock ones. It doesn’t matter if you are presenting to your students or your peers, as you continue to speak and give presentations, you will find your style and confidence!