Dancers are athletes, so you need a spa day more than almost anyone! In the winter when you have to work extra hard to keep your muscles warm for all of your leaps and turns, that is even more true. Next time you have a day to rest or you’re gathering all of your dance BFFs for an after-dance sleepover, you’re going to want to add these things to your list of ways to pamper yourself.

Soak Your Feet

Don’t settle for any old tub of warm water! Add chamomile, rose petals, and lavender to the water to create a gorgeous perfume and really give your feet the release they deserve after hours of dance.

Get Warm

You spend a lot of time warming up to get ready to move. It’s time to warm up and get ready to relax! Grab a robe, your favorite blanket, and a mug full of hot chocolate. Your muscles will appreciate the break, and you’ll be beyond cozy.

Watch a Musical

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What’s more rewarding and stress-free than singing along to your favorite musicals at home? We know you won’t be able to resist dancing along to your favorite numbers either, especially if you have all of your teammates with you.

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