Time spent in the studio every week might seem like an extracurricular to some people, but we know that it is a competitive sport that takes effort and dedication. Just like any other sport, attitude is everything if you want to succeed. The right attitude can come down to the simplest phrases and actions. These things can change your perception of your work and others’ perception of you.

1. “That’s impossible.”

Instead of saying this, try to figure out what exactly seems impossible to you. If you are trying to achieve a higher leap, is it the height that seems beyond your reach? Is it the space you have to achieve the leap? Look at the little details that are making you doubt the situation and figure out how to adapt. Dancers and choreographers create new, “impossible” movements and combinations every day. Don’t let your perception of a possible move get in the way of creating something outstanding.

2. “I don’t do {insert style}.”

When you avoid styles of dance that aren’t your favorite or that you aren’t as skilled in, you only hold yourself back. Dance is a universal language. In the same way that learning new vocabulary helps you better communicate, learning new styles helps you better express yourself. You might not realize it, but the intricate rhythms you learn in tap can help define your hip hop moves, and your jazz attitude can help you work on facial expressions in ballet and contemporary. Look at every style as a small step toward mastering this language.

3. “I don’t work with {insert name}.”

You will meet dancers that you don’t click with and whose styles don’t match yours. You will meet choreographers that are focused on different parts of the music than you are. Don’t let these differences stand in the way of your working with them. Why? They will help you grow. That dancer could help you introduce something new and unique to your style. That choreographer could help you understand a new way of reading songs. Even if working with them seems difficult, learning to work with different artists and to understand different opinions will benefit you and help you grow.
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