This article originally appeared in the Spring 2024 Life Without Limits issue of Showstopper Magazine.

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There are so many factors that contribute to the ways we see and interact with ourselves. From outside influences and commentary to our inner monologues, our body image is the result of a complex equation of media, people we interact with daily, and how we feel when we look in the mirror. We all want to have a “Yeah, bestie!” attitude toward ourselves, but that can be hard to achieve. The best thing we can do for ourselves is work to actively shape a positive body image that includes the ways we look, talk, and take care of ourselves.

Mirror Mantras

Did you know that having a positive body image is related to having higher self-esteem, self-acceptance, and a healthy outlook? Creating an environment where you can challenge expectations and have positive conversations with yourself and others about the ways we understand appearance can help you maintain a positive relationship with your body.

It all starts with you! Looking in the mirror when you brush your teeth in the morning and giving yourself a compliment like “I love your look today!” or “Today you are going to be great!” will help you remember to be a friend to yourself and encourage you to have a positive image of yourself. You’re a superstar, so compliment yourself whenever you get the chance.

For You Page

Getting sucked into social media stereotypes and expectations is easier than it might seem. This makes building a feed that shows you positive and encouraging content essential to a healthy body image. Limit who you follow on social media to people who empower you. Your feed should be a fun place to see people you love and things you are interested in. Don’t let it become a place that tears you down or makes you feel less than awesome.

Food as Fuel

For most people, thinking about food comes down to deciding what tastes good in the moment, but when our body image is trending toward negative, it can be easy to translate that negativity to our relationship with food. Even on hard days, remember that food is something to enjoy, not stress over! Focus on the nutrients it gives you and how good it tastes. Your food is your fuel, and it helps you do all of the things you love.

and Remember

There isn’t a write or wrong way to look. The person you see in the mirror is you! That’s what matters most. Being your best ‘you’ isn’t about changing your size or shape. It’s about taking care of and supporting yourself, so you can do the things you love.

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