With a quarter of 2019 already behind us, our two favorite seasons are approaching fast. Summer and finals season! While getting ready for summer is all about pulling out your swimsuit and sunglasses and waiting for a warm breeze to welcome the perfect beach day, finals is a bit more complicated.


The first thing you should do is make sure all of your routines are registered for finals. You wouldn’t want to get caught at the last minute scrambling to upload music and enter in all of your dancers’ names! Grab your laptop and start entering all of that info now.

Revise Your Routines

You haven’t forgotten about your judges’ critiques from regionals, have you? Pull them back out and take notes! It’s the perfect time to start cleaning up movements and really adjusting your routines to show off the best of your dancers’ strengths.

Clean Up Your Props!

Chances are your props have been sitting quietly in storage since you last used them. They prop-ably need a good dusting and maybe even a new coat of paint. Whatever physical elements you’re adding to your routines, make sure they look as shiny and new as you do!

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