Dance is a staple in your life, but sometimes life takes you to new places. You move, you change focuses, a lot of things can lead you or another dancer to a new studio. Even though you’re comfortable dancing, starting at a new studio can be as scary as it is exciting. You know you can dance, but what you don’t know is who else is dancing there. This and whether or not you get along is pretty much out of your control. That doesn’t mean you can’t work hard to form new friendships, though.

Because dance studios become such tight-knit communities, bonding with your fellow dancers is probably a major priority. Being close to your team and classmates at the studio will make dance more fun, competitions easier, and help keep dance a stress-free passion.

Hang Out

If you’re new to a studio, the easiest way to get to know the other dancers is to hang out with them outside of the studio. Everyone has a job when you’re on the dance floor, so it can be harder to break the ice during class. After class, it’s time for movies, homework, and of course, sleepovers. Find something that you can do with the people in your class and get to know them! And if you’re not the new kid? Invite new people to join you and your dance besties. They’ll appreciate being included, and who knows, they could be your new best friend.

Take Other Classes

Many dancers supplement their busy dance schedule with yoga, pilates, and even other sports. Find out what your teammates are into, and take these classes with them. Every moment you spend together is another moment of team bonding. Plus, you’ll be working on your strength and skills as a dancer.

Jam Out

One of the things that brings hundreds of thousands of people together every day is music. Share your favorite music with other dancers at your studio. Before you know it, you’ll be jamming out during warm-ups and singing along to all of your favorite songs in the carpool after class.

Even solo dancers know that being able to have a support system of close dance friends and peers is important. They are there to support you as you grow and to push you toward bigger and better things. Don’t miss out on these incredible relationships because of a studio change. Get to know the people at your studio. As we all know, dance friends are friends for life.

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