It’s the season of thanks and giving, and few people deserve more thanks than the wonderful teachers that share their love for dance with us. Your teachers have probably impacted your life more than you know. Even though their job is to teach you dance and help you grow as a performer, they do so much more. Teachers inspire and encourage and support you through everything from dance class to your personal growth. Showing them your thanks for all of this might seem difficult, but even a small representation of appreciation will show them how much you care.

Give Them a Card

A card is a simple gift, but it doesn’t have to be any less meaningful than a present you’ve wrapped! Pick out a card that represents your personality and your relationship and write a heartfelt message inside. They’ll cherish it for years. Guaranteed.

Volunteer to Help Out

Small gestures like helping clean the studio or offering to assist with a preschool class can be a great way to reciprocate the kindness your teacher shows you every day. Ask if you can help clean the mirrors, put away props, or even just sweep!

Throw a Party

If your whole studio wants to show some appreciation for your wonderful teachers, get together and throw a surprise party for them. There’s no better way to show thanks than as a group! Plus, with the teamwork skills you’ve already learned in dance class, planning a small party will be a breeze.

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