When you reopen your studio after the holidays, the first thing you need to do is start getting yourself back into the excitement of teaching dancers. Why? You need to be excited if you want to get them excited, and coming back after the relaxation and joy of the holidays is an important time to remind dancers what they love about coming to class. If they come back and they’re bored, they are more likely to be unmotivated, unenthusiastic, and maybe even quit. Don’t worry! Getting your students excited about a new year of dance is a lot easier than you’d think.

Come Together

Shaking off the dust of the previous year to get excited about the new one requires you all to work together. You need to come together with your dancers, bond as a team, and reestablish those connections you’ve formed. Start off the first few classes after you come back from the holidays with team building exercises. This is also a great time to go to a dance convention! Learning new skills with different choreographers will encourage your dancers to work together in a high-energy environment.

New classes

Something else you can do to reinvigorate your classes when the year starts is to introduce new ones! Your dancers are expecting to jump back into their usual routine, but giving them more options to explore technique and genre is a great way to make sure they are actively engaged with you and dance class.

Competition Season

When the year starts, competition season is right around the corner. Getting your dancers and their parents back into a dance focus can be as easy as pushing competition to-dos. Start collecting deposits for costumes, making sure you’re registered for competitions, and sending out reminders about rehearsals, packing lists, itineraries, and more.

Extra Fun

Do you want to do even more to get everyone excited about another year of dance? Plan special events like a welcome back dance off or a dance family pizza party to get everyone (parents, too!) together to socialize and bond. You can also plan small giveaways or raffles that your dancers can get involved in.

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