This month, we’re after stories about chasing dreams, changing perspectives, and finding your place in the world. Across five different coming-of-age novels from sports drama to dream careers to supernatural horror stories, these teens are after love and adventure. They are after incredible goals. Dive into our TBR for tennis superstars, incredible parties, mysteries, and more!

The Misdirection of Fault Lines by Anna Gracia

When three teen girls compete at an elite tennis tournament, their dreams and reputations are on the line. Alice struggles to find purpose when tennis was something she shared with her recently departed Ba. Violetta is a superstar player who doesn’t know if she’s chasing her dreams or her mother’s. After a two-year hiatus, Leylah is after a win to save her career—as long as her attitude doesn’t get in the way.

Can they make it through the competition on and off the court or will it all fall apart?

If you like: sports, drama, coming of age, contemporary, realism

The Quince Project by Jessica Parra

Planning the perfect Star Wars quinceañera for a popular Disneyland vlogger is a big task, and Castillo Torres is using it to build her event planning skills after her sister’s own quince was a disaster. With the internship of her dreams on the line, Cas needs to make the party happen. Can she plan her way to her own Happily Ever After?

If you like: romance, contemporary, realism, coming of age, high school

Every Time You Hear That Song by Jenna Voris

When does fandom go too far? For 17-year-old Darren Purchase, her lifelong fandom of country music legend Decklee Cassel and her mysterious romance with songwriter Mickenlee Cooper are the ticket to her dream journalism career. Decklee is dead. Her famous time capsule is empty. Darren is on a mission to find the real time capsule and break the story to the world.

In a scavenger hunt told alongside flashbacks to 1963 and Decklee’s journey to fame, will Darren discover more about her idol or herself?

If you like: multi-perspective, adventure, mystery, romance, coming of age, music

Lockjaw by Matteo L. Cerilli

A mysterious death at the old mill in town doesn’t seem like an accident. There’s a monster under the town. A group of BFFs led by Paz Espino are determined to uncover the mystery and kill the monster before anyone else gets hurt.

Can the bonds of lifelong friendship defeat the forces of evil or will Paz and her friends continue to be haunted in every corner of their small town?

If you like: horror, thriller, multi-perspective, small-town stories, supernatural

The Ballad of Darcy & Russell by Morgan Matson

Darcy is waiting for real-life fairytale love at first sight. Right now, she’s waiting at a bus station in Nevada after a music festival with no cash and no cellphone battery. Oh, and it’s her last night before she leaves for college.

As the situation turns into a nightmare, Darcy meets Russell. He might be exactly the love she’s been waiting for or a long walk and conversation that leads to her understanding herself better. Their encounter might just change Darcy’s understanding of perfect.

If you like: romance, coming of age, summer adventure, contemporary, music

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