From song lyrics to phrases we hear people say, the words that live in our heads impact our mindsets. Therefore, it’s important to make sure the ones that you are repeating to yourself are going to be a positive influence on you and your dancing. Here are quotes that every dancer should live by:

“Never quit something with great long-term potential just because you can’t deal with the stress of the moment.”

As dancers, it can be very easy to get stressed often over details like placing at a competition, injuries, new skills, and your schedule overall. However, it’s important to remember that stress is only temporary. It’s not worth quitting over as it only lasts for a while. Adjust as you need to and take advantage of that dancer flexibility!

“Everything comes to you at the right time.”

Sometimes we get so caught up in an opportunity that we didn’t get that we don’t realize that something better was coming our way. What is meant for you won’t pass you, you will get all the opportunities you were meant to. Sometimes it didn’t work out because it just simply wasn’t right for you, and that’s ok.

“You can’t make your 100th without making your first.”

have you ever been scared to try something new such as a new dance style because you are worried of messing up? That’s so normal, but everyone has to start somewhere. You can’t improve on your 10th try if you don’t make your first attempt.

“Don’t wait until you’re confident to show up. Show up until you’re confident.”

You just have to push away the mindset of people judging you. If you want to do something, just start until you feel confident doing it. Your confidence will grow with time.

“Sometimes you just have to rest. The world can wait.”

nothing is worth hurting your mental or physical health. If you need a break for whatever reason, take it. Whether it’s a week off or time to heal from a major injury, dance will still be there for you when you get back and feel ready.

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Trina Hannah is a graphic design major and dancer at Siena Heights University. She loves all things creative including photography, painting, and writing. Trina has a passion for helping other young women build up their self esteem and chase their dreams all while making a positive impact.