Easter Eggs

Showstopper magazine has all kinds of awesome content hidden among its articles. One of those things is a secret Easter Egg that will lead you to VIP content you won’t have access to otherwise.

QR Codes

You might notice that Showstopper Magazine is full of QR codes. Those codes lead to exclusive interviews from your favorite Sparkle Society members, useful Showstopper links, and more! Don’t forget to download the Showstopper app so you can use the QR scanner!

YouTube Videos

You can’t technically put a video in a magazine, but Showstopper Magazine does have YouTube videos. If you follow the links and QR codes in the magazine, you will probably end up on our YouTube channel where you will find all the dance content and confetti you could ever want!



Have you ever wondered what your perfect bedroom looks like or what your horoscope is for this season? Look no further! In the magazine, you will find quizzes and horoscopes to obsess over and share with your friends!

It’s Digital!

Showstopper Magazine is now digital! That means you can access all of the glitter, quizzes, QR codes, videos, and all the other fun in the magazine’s 100 pages online! But don’t worry! If you want a physical copy of the magazine, you can still get one here.

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Veronica Good has been with Showstopper Magazine since 2016. When she isn't keeping you updated on the latest trends, she is at home with her many pets or probably playing The Sims 4. Veronica has a BA in English and an MA in writing from Coastal Carolina University. She is also a writer of fiction and poetry, and her work can be found in Archarios, Tempo, and Scapegoat.