This article originally appeared in the Spring 2024 Life Without Limits issue of Showstopper Magazine.

Regionals season is one of our favorite times of year! From February to July, Showstopper tours the United States to provide lights and stages for thousands of dancers in a variety of genres and performance levels. While you might know what it’s like to step into the spotlight, it’s easy to miss all of the sparkling pink details. Follow along as we take you through a competition weekend from your side of the stage to ours. Plus, find out some of our Founder Debbie Roberts’ favorite pieces of each event!

Before the Competition

Ahead of each competition, while we build the stages and get the glitter ready, it’s all about rehearsals and practice for dancers. Share your prep and progress with us on social media (@goshowstopper)! It isn’t just about the moves. We know you are planning costumes, makeup, props, and how to fit everything in your already overstuffed dance bag.

Our dance bag is a bit bigger. In fact, our dance bag is 13 tractor trailers that we route to 42 cities (three each weekend!) across the United States during the season. While all of the staging, merchandise, trophies, and medals are on the road to you, over 150 Showstopper employees are also hopping on flights from their home cities to yours.

The day before the competition, you’re probably on the road or in the studio getting ready for your moment in the spotlight. Don’t forget to check your personal schedule. Our custom system takes a weekend’s entries, as high as 2,000 routines, and generates a custom schedule, along with your personal schedule, ready 10 days before the event. While you work out those final costume changes, it takes the Showstopper crew 12 hours to put up the stages and screens and assemble the Showstopper Store.

DEBBIE’S FAVE: Picking and designing the screen backgrounds.

“It really emphasizes the dance so much and makes it look like the dancers are in a Broadway show.”

Hello, Showstopper Weekend!

A typical Showstopper tour stop puts us in a city near you for three days! We have all weekend to dance and cheer our hearts out. Once we’re together, it’s all about sparkles, confetti, and celebrating the awesome dances you bring to the stage.

To bring out your best, we have done more than just set the stage. 100,000 handpicked backgrounds have been added to our stage setup along with custom-programmed lighting to compliment your moves, music, and costumes in person and in our photo and video packages. Each room has its own dance photographer and a multi-cam setup, so you can relive these memories after the weekend.

DEBBIE’S FAVE: Merchandise!

“It’s really fun to see all of that [months of designing, picking colors, and reviewing samples] come together.”

When you’re not on stage, we know you’re exploring the venue and the Showstopper store, and we came prepared. We bring 27 trunks and three pallets of merchandise to each show, so we have your favorite size, color, and style waiting for you. While you’re hanging out, don’t forget to pre-order your photos and videos at a discounted rate during the show!


The excitement that everyone from our announcers and judges to the photographers and technical crew get to share with you during awards is unmatched. You’ve taken on the spotlight, and now it’s time to cheer and clap for yourself and your peers.

Let’s see your hard work blinged out! Every dancer gets a medal, and every routine gets a trophy. Gold, Platinum, Double Platinum, Crystal. Every award level has its own color. Plus, Crystal winners get to take home that coveted one-of-a-kind trophy in its custom box.

Keep the Party Going

It’s hard for us to say no to a party. Is it any wonder we throw so many? After Regionals are over, we’re jumping back on the road for Showstopper’s Finals, six weeks of the best dance has to offer across the country in some of our favorite venues. So, don’t put away your dance shoes yet.

See What Others Had to Say!

“It was amazing as always! Everything is always so organized and runs smoothly. It is, by far, our favorite competition to come to!”

“We loved every minute of it. We are amazed with how you run your competition. Thank you for a great weekend.”

“Loved it. So impressed with the fast pace stage management and yet equal opportunities for every level of dancer.”

“Wonderful experience. We loved the set up, the communication, the timeliness of everything. Well organized and uplifting.”

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