As a dance expert and a seasoned Disney entertainment performer, Caicco offers five tips for aspiring dancers on how to prepare for their first professional performance.

  1. 1
    Prepare for the Unexpected

    Each performer should be ready and prepared for the unexpected. Envisioning ways to navigate around last minute changes or adapt to unforeseen obstacles should be a mindset established in advance of any performance. This is true not only during the performance itself but also the logistics involved in getting to that moment.
  2. 2
    Harness Your Anxiety

    Every dancer experiences nerves at one point in time. Don?t panic! Instead, take a few seconds to center yourself and use this anxiety to embrace the exhilaration on of the dance.
  3. 3
    Count On Your Teammates

    Remember: dancing is not a solo art. The other dancers are your partners. Only by working together can the performance be successful. Regardless of how much tension might exist between teammates, each one has a responsibility to ?lift each other up.?
  4. 4
    Practice Based on Scale

    All performers should understand that the scale of the venue and type of audience affects the style of the performance. That includes extreme movements and facial expressions to help compensate if you are performing in front of a large audience. Allow the audience to feel your passion for the dance.
  5. 5
    Professionalism Matters

    How students act off stage is just as important as their actual performance on stage. Arriving on time
    and showing genuine appreciation for the opportunity will go a long way to ensure a future gig or performance.