Worrying is part of life, sometimes it is an annoying reminder of things we’re too lazy to do and sometimes it is a helpful motivator, but when the worrying starts to take up more time than actually doing what you’re worrying about, it’s time for a change! Here are some tips to get you back on track and out from under the weight of your worry.

Accept that life is uncertain

One of the best parts of life is that you never know what might come next! Consider this a blessing. If you could predict and plan your way through every part of your life, it would be hard to find special moments. Would life really be better without surprises? So put down your planner once in a while and just let the day happen!

Is it worth worrying over?

Make a list of everything you are worrying over and think about why you are worrying? Would taking a step back affect it to the point that it fails? If not, move on to something else. You probably have plenty of things keeping you busy, so don’t worry too much about little things. The bigger picture is all that matters.

Remember past successes

Pair every To-Do list with a Done list! It is easy to spend a lot of time staring at all the things you have left to do, but in the end, all you do is cross them off or erase them. Where’s the accomplishment in that? Instead, move your finished to-dos onto a done list. This way, when you’re stressing over how much you have to do, you can look at all the things you have already done and see how much effort you are already putting forth. They say that we are our own worst critics for a reason! Put your inner critic to bed by showing it how successful you really are!

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