Would you ever eat just one chip?

So why would you settle for only one Showstopper Regional!?

1. Different judges, same glam

At every Showstopper Regional, you can expect the same glam, the same glitter, and the same feeling of being part of the #ShowstopperFam. The only thing that differs from competition to competition is our judges! This gives you the perfect reason to go to more than one regionals. Different judges means different feedback that helps dancers be the best they can be!

2. More fabulous venues

All of our Showstopper Regionals are at incredibly fabulous venues — which means you’ll get to experience the Showstopper spotlight as many times as you want! Coming to Showstopper is amazing for the whole family because each location is a mini-vacation in itself!

3. Compete against different dancers

Going to multiple regionals means competing against tons of new dancers. Not only do you get a whole new competitive experience, but you also get the opportunity to grow your #ShowstopperFam by meeting thousands of new friends!

4. Our merch stays fresh, so you do too

At Showstopper, we realize how much fashion trends change so we’re constantly changing our merchandise out! This way everyone — teachers, dancers, and parents — stay lookin’ fresh in all the latest merchandise.

5. Showstopper + Showstopper >  

What could be better than two opportunities to see your #ShowstopperFam? Not only are we America’s First Dance Competition, but we’ve been voted America’s Best Dance Competition. So rather than going to Showstopper once and settling for second best — come join us at multiple Showstopper Regionals!

6. Dancers will never be more prepared for Finals

There’s no better way to prepare dancers for our #ShowstopperFinals than by having them come to multiple Showstopper Regionals! They’ll get double the feedback from a variety of judges, double the experience on the Showstopper stage, and they’ll have double the #ShowstopperFam to hang out with when they get to one of our awesome venues!

Come dance with us! Click here for more information and to register for Regionals!
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