The Ailey II dance company went out into the streets of New York City to find inspiration for their latest project. New Yorkers showed the dancers their signature moves, and the Ailey II dancers used these clips to choreograph a piece of art inspired by the dances of everyday people.

Watching “Dance Like Me”, you’ll see not only the incredible moves of the Ailey II dancers but also their vision of a world deeply connected by dance. Whether you are professionally trained in the art of moving your body to rhythm and music or not, you can still communicate and participate in the language that is dance.

Just like our individual passions and talents, the moves the New Yorkers shared range from simple to whole body affairs. From whips and dabs to simple shuffles and raising the roof, New York brought it all. But, brought to life by the grace of the Ailey II dancers, you can see that no dance move is too casual or unrefined. It’s all about presentation.