When NBC’s World of Dance premiered, the season started off strong with dancers we can already see on stage for the final round. But that was just the beginning. This week, more dancers competed for their spot in The Duels and their chance at $1 million.


Dance duo All Ready combines Latin dance with street dance to create their own unique style. They came from South Korea to show off their moves on the World of Dance stage. The judges were fascinated by their fusion but worried that they hadn’t put enough of their skill behind any one element of the style they created.

Score: 88 (and a lot of wardrobe compliments)

Briar Nolet was diagnosed with epilepsy at 16, and it seemed like she wouldn’t be able to dance again because of her seizures. But now, she’s back on stage to face her fears. Her performance was full of masterful technique and incredible moves. She says she lost three years to epilepsy, but you can tell it only made her stronger.

Score: 87.3

Derion and Madison pride themselves on performing moves that are uniquely theirs. “If you can name the move, we can’t put it in the piece,” Derion said before they took the stage. Their passion and athleticism make their contemporary style a true representation of dance as the perfect blend of sport and art.

Score: 90.3

Upper Team

They’re not a boy band, but they definitely have the look. The five guys that form Fuego Dance Crew are on stage with their own choreography, style, and boy band attitude. Their performance had Derek on his feet with astonishment. Their synchronicity, cleanliness, and attention to detail was uncanny. Like Derek said, rewind! You are going to want to watch them over and over again.

Score: 93.7 (and a salute from Ne-Yo)

The next Upper Team to take the stage was Exiles, a group from Arizona competing to support their dance studio that helps underprivileged kids in their community. They owned the stage with their moves and their attitude, and the judges were impressed by the energy they brought to the stage.

Score: 88

Tobias and the EZtwins have performed with Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande, so they know their way around a stage and an audience. The judges were in love with their choreography and costuming, and so were we.

Score: 92.7 (maybe an invitation to dance with JLo?)


Kayla Mak is a contemporary ballet dancer who wants to prove that her favorite genre is not only beautiful but also competitive. She trotted onto the stage in her pointe shoes ready to show the judges what she could do. They were convinced. (Did you see those pique turns!?)

Score: 90.3

If you want to see a 15-year-old with the stage presence of Michael Dameski, you’re going to want to keep your eye on Aydin Eyikan. His contemporary moves were technically amazing, and the judges were beyond impressed.

Score: 88.3 (and some dropped jaws)

Junior Team

Coming all the way from the Philippines, VPeepz came together through dance despite their different positions in their home country, and they want other people to realize that the same is possible for them. Dance brought them together, and on stage, they brought the judges together to a consensus that they are simply amazing.

Score: 90.3

The Dancetown Divas are a group of girls with a large stage presence and a vicious competitive streak. They brought a party to the stage, and their Latin style had the judges and the audience excited. The only thing holding them back was their synchronicity and cleanliness.

Score: 87.3 (and a lot of screaming)

Last to take the stage was The Trilogy, a trio of best friends a connected to one another as they are their art. Their ability to perform emotionally and use their unique configuration to their advantage impressed the judges, but they need to work on cleaning up their choreography.

Score: 86.3

More dancers hit the stage Sunday, March 10 at 8/7c on NBC for the final round of Qualifiers.

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