Today, Dancing with the Stars will honor Taylor Swift’s music and career as the six remaining couples dance to her songs in the ballroom. Every Swiftie knows that Taylor loves to drop hints and leave Easter eggs in her posts and work. DWTS couldn’t calm down and decided to fill their Instagram posts with clues to the songs that each couple will be performing as well as the songs for the dance relay round. Here are the guesses we can’t shake off.

Xochitl and Val will dance to “Paper Rings”

Xochitl and Val have been putting their all into competing, and it looks like they will continue to bring the energy tonight with a quickstep to “Paper Rings.” In this post, DWTS said they are “ringing” in Taylor Swift night, and both Xochitl and Val are wearing paper rings. Xochitl’s is, fittingly, a star. Maybe this week Bruno will tell her that her superpower is Taylor Swift.

Jason is in his reputation Era

Holding a microphone in Taylor Swift’s classic power stance for belting out a note, Jason’s clue could lead us to a few songs in Taylor’s catalog including “Cruel Summer” and “Shake It Off,” but knowing that he and Daniella will be dancing the Argentine tango, we’re pretty sure they’ll be dancing to “Don’t Blame Me” from Taylor’s reputation album. Let’s go, Jason!

It’s a cruel ballroom with Ariana and Pasha

An easy Easter egg for fans of Taylor’s Lover album, Ariana and Pasha are in frame for a “Cruel Summer” performance. Note the dice (“Devils roll the dice. Angels roll their eyes.”) balanced on Ariana’s leg. Do you know the steps to this rumba? Prove it!

Meet Charity and Artem at Midnight

While some fans speculate that Charity and Artem’s tea pose is a nod to the 1989 (Taylor’s Version) track “Wonderland,” it’s more likely that these two are dancing their Argentine tango to a song off of Midnights. The black chairs are reminiscent of Taylor’s Midnights set on her Eras Tour, and in “Anti-Hero” she sings, “It’s me, hi, I’m the problem, it’s me / At tea time, everybody agrees.” It’s Charity, hi, she’s the competition. It’s her.

High Scores Belong with Alyson and Sasha

This is a classic Taylor reference. Alyson and Sasha hold up signs that nod to the “You Belong with Me” music video while wearing friendship bracelets. We can’t wait to see them cha cha their way back to Taylor’s high school days. Hey, isn’t this easy?

Harry and Rylee found the folklore cabin

If you have attended Taylor’s Eras Tour (or watched the many videos, livestreams, or the Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour film), then you know that Taylor’s folklore dress is an iconic moment of fluttering fabric and dreamy choreography. For their Easter egg photo, Harry and Rylee give us “August” vibes as Rylee wears a similar costume. Season 32 is slipping into a moment in time.

Ariana isn’t afraid of anything

Taylor Swift has made the classic 2000s hand heart a symbol of her Fearless era. Ariana and Xochitl will be dancing the Viennese waltz for their relay. It could be to “Fearless,” or they could simply be going for a simple “Lover” moment.

Charity and Jason know what time it is

Is there any question about which song Charity and Jason will be dancing their relay cha cha to? With a clock about to strike midnight between them, all signs point to “Lavender Haze,” the opening to Taylor’s Midnights album which starts “Meet me at midnight.”

Are Alyson and Harry making the moves up as they go?

In this short reel, Alyson and Harry do the iconic “triple clap” that fans often do when Taylor performs “Shake It Off” on tour. These two will also be doing a jive for their relay which has exactly the right energy and move set for one of Taylor’s biggest hype songs.

See you on the dance floor!

What are your guesses? Are your favorite Taylor Swift songs hidden in these Easter eggs? We’ll find out tonight. Dancing with the Stars returns for Taylor Swift night with guest judge and Eras Tour choreographer Mandy Moore live on Tuesday, November 21 on Disney+ and ABC at 8:00 PM ET.

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