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Last night, Dancing with the Stars showed of their moves in A Celebration of Taylor Swift. The night opened with a “Love Story” performance from the pros choreographed by Taylor Swift The Eras Tour choreographer and this week’s guest judge Mandy Moore.

Before the competition got started, there was also a message from Taylor herself. “I just wanted to say thank you so much for having this…me-themed night on Dancing with the Stars,” she said. “I so wish I could be there to see what you and your amazing choreographers and my friend Mandy Moore have put together, but I’m on tour in Brazil. But I’m sending you guys all of my love and best of luck to all of the contestants.”

The Highlights

  • The stars show their Swiftie skills as they dance through Taylor Swift’s many eras with their favorite songs.
  • The pros put on an Eras-themed performance to “Style.”
  • Five couples move on to the Semi-Finals.

Alyson and Sasha

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“This is what I’ve been waiting for the entire season,” Alyson said during rehearsal. An avid Swiftie, Alyson was excited to put her fandom into dance moves. They danced a cha cha to “You Belong with Me.” Their Fearless moves earned Alyson praise from Derek for her enthusiasm with some notes to improve even more to stay in the competition. Mandy complimented her for working her fringe, and Bruno wanted to see her get rid of all her mistakes.

Score: 29/40

Ariana and Pasha

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Ariana’s favorite Taylor Swift song is the Lover hit “Cruel Summer,” and she and Pasha danced a rumba hoping to finally get that perfect score. Their slowed down cha cha was sharp enough to wow the audience and the judges. Mandy said she commanded the stage and matched the melody with her moves. Bruno called “This was actually a classic, elegant, totally felt” cha cha.

Score: 37/40

Jason and Daniella

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Jason is no stranger to Taylor’s music and has even performed with her. He and Daniella danced an Argentine tango to “Don’t Blame Me” that reclaimed their reputation as a couple to watch out for. “Reputation restored! You are back with a massive hit,” Bruno said, complimenting their technique. Carrie Ann loved Jason’s transition from easygoing to attack mode.

Score: 40/40

Harry and Rylee

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Dancing a rumba to “august” from Taylor Swift’s folklore album, Harry wanted Rylee to teach him to move more after Billy Porter told him not to be a tree trunk last week. “I am having feelings about this dance,” Carrie Ann said. She liked their content and the audience’s enthusiasm, but said “You still have work to do, but I’m proud.” Mandy liked the connection and his effort.

Score: 30/40

Charity and Artem

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Don’t mess with Charity and her drive to win! Bringing “Look What You Made Me Do” to the ballroom with an Argentine tango, Charity and Artem are treating every performance like a dance-off. “Charity, this was clean, clinical, precise, stunning Argentine tango,” Derek said. Mandy also said this performance “ticked all the boxes” and recommended some more unpredictable moments.

Score: 38/40

Xochitl and Val

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The first perfect score for an individual routine this season went to Xochitl and Val last week. This week, they brought that energy into the Lover era with a quickstep to “Paper Rings.” Mandy called this duo “poetry in motion” and gave Xochitl a friendship bracelet. Bruno loved the “sense of celebration” and “easy of movement” in this dance.

Score: 38/40

Relay Dance Round

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The pairs were divided into three relay groups. Each group performed a separate style, one after the other.

Ariana and Pasha vs. Xochitl and Val

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Dancing the Viennese waltz (a throwback from week five) to “Lover,” both of these couples have seen the top of the leaderboard and want to stay there. Ariana and Pasha performed first followed by Xochitl and Val. Carrie Ann praised them both for having unique takes on the song and tight performances. Bruno loved the dances and that Ariana and Xochitl challenge each other.

Winner: Xochitl and Val

Harry and Rylee vs. Alyson and Sasha

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The dancing continued as these couples jived to “Shake It Off.” Harry and Rylee danced first, hoping to bring the energy before Alyson and Sasha hit the floor. Bruno praised Alyson’s technique, and Carrie Ann called her fearless. Carrie Ann also praised Harry’s side-by-side.

Winner: Alyson and Sasha

Jason and Daniella vs. Charity and Artem

The final relay put Jason and Charity back into a cha cha mindset for a dance to “Lavender Haze.” Jason got to bring his “Cuban hips” to the floor first with Charity following in fringe. “Charity, stunning as usual,” Derek said. He had praise for Jason too, calling him “insanely impressive.” Mandy liked the cleanliness of Charity’s performance, but she liked the “little bit of extra sauce” Jason brought to the cha cha.

Winner: Jason and Daniella

The Results

Disney/Eric McCandless

The final leaderboard had Jason and Xochitl in the lead with Harry at the bottom. When the results of the combined fan votes (the most votes for any night this season) and judges scores, Harry and Rylee were eliminated. Next week, the remaining stars will compete in the Semi-Finals.

Next week, Dancing with the Stars returns live on Tuesday on Disney+ and ABC at 8:00 PM ET.

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