Today, the new documentary film on rockstar and icon David Bowie Moonage Daydream makes its way to theaters. The documentary, which has received incredible reviews from Rolling Stone, Vogue, and more seems to already be taking music lovers by storm, but singer-songwriter Annabel Gutherz wanted to do a little bit more to celebrate the film. We caught up with Annabel for a look at her new cover of David Bowie’s “Life on Mars,” recorded in honor of the star and Moonage Daydream.

One of Annabel’s favorite songs, she sees “Life on Mars” as a story of “sadness, longing, and hope, with a commentary about society and the media that still rings true today. I love the emotional dimensionality of the story being told, the melody, the production… everything! I hope to honor Bowie, one of the most prolific and brilliant artists of our time, and his lasting legacy with this cover.”

The song also meshes well with Annabel’s personal music style and the messages she hopes to get across. “…The title fits well into the thematic and semantic mold of my forthcoming album!” She told Showstopper Magazine Online. “I believe the song’s narrative about society and the media are timeless and showcase the human condition in such an artful way through reaching melodies, surreal lyricism, and dramatic instrumentation. I think that’s why I connect so much to the track and why the song continues to transcend time!”

This isn’t just a cover, though. Annabel wanted to bring the song to life and make it her own. “I really put my heart into the performance and into shaping the melody such that it feels true to who I am to make it my own!” She said. “I also took the liberty of adding background vocals to create even more harmonic density and subtly communicate the many emotional facets entwined in the song’s lyrics.”

Annabel’s new take on “Life on Mars” was created in the studio with a live band of musicians. She shared that hearing the band play together live for the first time in the studio gave her “full-body chills” and was one of her favorite parts of the process. “Each of the awe-inspiringly talented and virtuosic musicians who played the song, including my producer extraordinaire Dominique Messier (drums), Kaven Girouard (guitar), Yves LabontĂ© (bass guitar), and Guillaume Marchand (piano), infused every note with a magic that’s difficult to describe. Their energy was palpable, and I am deeply honored to have been able to work alongside their collective genius!”

Like many Bowie fans, Annabel is ready to hear music and experience right from the star himself in the new film. “David Bowie has been an enigmatic icon—the portrait of an artist whose binary is the amalgamation of an elegant human and extraterrestrial supernova,” she said. “I think I’m most excited to get a more intimate perspective of Bowie, the brilliant artist, and Bowie, the person!”

Annabel’s cover of “Life on Mars” is streaming now on major music platforms.

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