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If you’ve been thinking that classic girl groups are a thing of the past, think again. While memories of groups like the Spice Girls and the Cheetah Girls give us plenty of nostalgia, we’re seeing the rise of awesome new groups with girl power vibes and songs we can’t get enough of taking the stage. One of these groups is Triple Charm, a girl-group of singers and dancers created by real-life sisters, Gabriella Raena, and Amalia.

Triple Charm spent the summer singing and dancing as much as we did, and after the release of their single “Summer Again,” the trio is back with a new song to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month, their personal connections to Puerto Rican culture, and of course, dance! We caught up with these sisters for an inside look at their bilingual single “Don’t Need a Reason” and all things Triple Charm!

Showstopper Magazine Online: Hi, Triple Charm! Can you tell us a bit about yourselves and your music?

Triple Charm: Hey everyone! We’re Amalia, Raena, and Gabriella, three sisters just doing what we love! We sing, dance, write music and create social media content together. We recently released our latest single, “Summer Again,” and are releasing our first bilingual single “Don’t Need a Reason” on September 16th, available on all streaming platforms!

Raena, Secret Key Entertainment, LLC

SMO: What made you want to start a girl group together?

Raena: Well, we’ve danced together our whole lives, but we officially formed Triple Charm about three years ago. Amalia started singing around age 6, and after years of watching her go to voice lessons and do vocal warm-ups in the car, we finally decided to join in on the fun.

The same year we started singing, Amalia’s vocal coach invited her to the World Championships of Performing Arts, which is a competition where over 62 countries come and compete in all types of performing arts. Our mom told our vocal coach that Amalia can go but only if she takes her sisters too. That is when we formed Triple Charm. As we were rehearsing and preparing, we fell in love with singing and performing as a group. We realized that this is what we were meant to do.

SMO: What’s the story behind the name Triple Charm?

Amalia: We originally had a different name, but it just didn’t feel right. I remember we needed to come up with a new name quickly because we had recorded our first original song. We were in LA sitting in our hotel room brainstorming ideas. The first thing we came up with was Triple because there’s three of us, and then we came up with Charm because we consider each other our good luck charms. None of us can remember who came up with it first, but once we heard it, we knew it was perfect!

SMO: You’re singers and dancers. How do those two passions come together for you?

Gabriella: Singing and dancing are two of our favorite things to do. They are both great methods of storytelling and when they come together, it creates an even more magical story. The things we’ve learned from both singing and dancing enhance each other. For example, from dance, we’ve learned to pick up on the details and different rhythms in music which has been very helpful in our songwriting.

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SMO: What’s the trickiest part of being sisters and a girl group?

Amalia: The trickiest part of being in a girl group with your sisters is probably not getting distracted. Living together is a major advantage but sometimes we are tempted to push things off because we can film/song-write/sing really anytime any day. But the great thing is that we are able to hold each other accountable and lift each other up when one of us needs that little boost of motivation.

SMO: Who are your musical inspirations?

Raena: There are so many amazing musicians that inspire us, and we believe that there is something valuable to be learned from each one. We like to draw inspiration from various artists depending on our mood or the style of music that we’re listening to at the moment. Lately, for pop music, we’ve been really into the 90s vibe, from Spice Girls to Britney Spears. When it comes to Latin music, artists like Camila Cabello, Marc Anthony, and Gloria Estefan are big inspirations to us.

Gabriella, Secret Key Entertainment, LLC

SMO: This summer you released your first single of the year “Summer Again”. What was it like to put out that track?

Gabriella: Working on and releasing “Summer Again” was so much fun! We had written the song right before the school year ended and wanted it to be out in time for the summer, so we had a pretty quick turnaround. We wrote the whole song in 2 sessions and within a week recorded it in the studio. The whole process from writing it, to releasing, and then creating the music video ourselves was so exciting. Our favorite part has been seeing the reaction and the love from our audience!

SMO: Your next single, “Don’t Need a Reason” will be your first bilingual track. What inspired this song and your choice to have lyrics in both English and Spanish?

Raena: We were initially inspired to write “Don’t Need a Reason” to connect with our Hispanic roots. We are 50% Puerto Rican and wanted to write something Latin-inspired to pay homage to that part of us. We grew up dancing to Latin music and watching telenovelas at our Abuela’s house, so we wanted to celebrate that! The writing process was a lot of fun and very different from anything we’ve ever done before!

Amalia, Secret Key Entertainment, LLC

SMO: What’s your favorite line from the song?

Amalia: My favorite line from “Don’t Need a Reason” would probably be the line in the pre-chorus, “If you’re feeling out of steam…let it be your medicine.” This lyric is referencing how dance is essentially an escape and way to express yourself. I think a lot of dancers can relate to dance being therapeutic. After a hard day or if something wasn’t going my way, I would go to the studio and dance it out. Dance is so powerful, and that’s what we wanted to capture with this specific line.

SMO: Dance is also a big part of “Don’t Need a Reason”. Can you tell us about that? 

Amalia: Yes, “Don’t Need a Reason” is all about the power of dance! Dance is a major part of Hispanic culture and bringing people together, and it is also a major part of our lives. For us, it felt like the perfect connection point between our culture and our passion. The song is really about how you can dance for any reason, anytime, anyplace and it’s always there for you. Dance is a way for you to celebrate the good or shake off the bad. That is something we love about it and wanted to bring to life for others too.

SMO: What are you most excited about with the release of “Don’t Need a Reason”?

Gabriella: We are so excited for everyone to hear, “Don’t Need a Reason” and hope it gets you up on your feet! We also can’t wait to see our Abuela’s reaction to the song because she was such a big inspiration for it. Really, we hope everyone loves it!

SMO: What’s next for Triple Charm after this? 

Raena: We have so many goals and things we would love to accomplish in the future! For now, we’re focusing on writing more music and creating new content for our social media! We’re excited to be on this journey and excited to take you along with us.

“Don’t Need a Reason” is streaming now on all major music platforms.

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