Canadian singer-songwriter Annabel Gutherz is shaking things up. After releasing her debut album Loose Ends at the end of 2021, Annabel returned this year with her new single “Retrograde.” Now, she’s sharing a “Retrograde” remix that is absolutely made for summer.

There’s something electric about Annabel’s music, and “Retrograde” is no exception. If you’re a fan of Loose Ends, you’ll notice that the single isn’t exactly the same sound, though. In fact, Annabel shared with us that she likes “Retrograde” as a follow-up to last year’s project “because its message is emblematic of my desire to move forward, and it’s a bold foray into my new sound!”

On its own, “Retrograde” is an anthem for taking on life and staying positive despite the ups and downs. The new remix is all that turned into the perfect road trip tune. We asked Annabel why she thought a summer sound worked so well for this track. “I felt the concept and meaning of ‘Retrograde’ embodied the spirit of summer,” she shared. “It’s all about embracing life and forging a path forward! As such, I thought it would be fun to ‘summer-fy’ the soundscape of the song with the remix!”

Bret “Epic” Mazur is the Epic in “Retrograde (Epic Remix).” Known for his role in the band Crazy Town, Bret has also produced big names like Black Eyed Peas, New Edition, and BBD. “I had the honor of working with and learning from musical maven Bret ‘Epic’ Mazur, who remixed the song and put his recognizable and contemporary signature on it!” Annabel said of the collaboration.

As Annabel explained, she’s exploring a new sound. What direction is she taking? Well, she shared with us that she’s been inspired by musical theater! “Growing up, my first love was musical theater,” she said. “I loved the emotional dimensionality of the songs sung, and the uncensored/dramatic ways in which the stories were conveyed, lyrically, melodically, and compositionally.”

Look out for Annabel’s new sound. It seems like she has a lot of surprises in store. “I think my new songs definitely welcome the theatrics (Fun fact: my nickname used to be DRAMA-bel), and I will be releasing a number of them this upcoming year! Each song contributes to a greater album that’s unified by a central theme! I am so excited and deeply grateful to continue sharing my music with you! Thank you so much!”

“Retrograde (Epic Remix)” is streaming now on all music platforms.

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