The latest trip to Agrahbah takes flight (on a magic carpet, of course) on May 24, and until this point sneak peeks and teaser trailers haven’t given us much to look at in the magical world of thieves and genies. But, with only a few months left before we get to see this whole new live-action world on the big screen, Disney is finally letting us see a little more.

In the official trailer, we get to see more of our title role in his desert adventures, but we also get to see the lovely Princess Jasmine (played by Naomi Scott) and Will Smith as our blue friend Genie, who apparently has both a mystical blue form and a human form.

For now, though, the Disney is still only giving us a look at some of the classic elements of Aladdin’s story (with a dash of added humor!). We do know that, while they may be remixed, the soundtrack won’t change very much. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Director Guy Ritchie said, “Clearly people are very attached to the original songs and clearly that’s part of the DNA, so we didn’t really want to stray from the original stuff, just an embellishment with a couple of new tracks.”

It looks like, for now, we’ll be waiting until May to see if this reimagining is a dramatic change from the iconic animated film.

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