In the last episode before the Duels, the final Qualifiers performances took the stage on NBC’s World of Dance. After this, we’ll get to see our favorites again, but they’ll be battling for a space in the next round.


Derek Piquette has performed as a lead in Cirque de Soleil, but his hard work has taken its toll on his body. Approaching a double hip replacement that will likely end his career, he came to the World of Dance stage to go out with a bang.

Score: 91.3

DD Flection won World of Dance Thailand, but they came to the United States to try to win another World of Dance title. The judges were astounded by their status as world champion dancers and the impressive choreography they performed.

Score: 92

Upper Team

The Main Guys came from Norway to make sure that hip hop was number one in Season 3 as it has been for the past two seasons. That sounds like a big challenge, but after they took the stage, we’re pretty sure they could do it.

Score: 89.7

Unity LA features some of last season’s stars. Zach and Ashley returned with a pack of dancers behind them to hopefully take home the win this season. The group definitely supports the legacy that they set up as powerful performers. They were intricate and powerful enough to leave the judges’ jaws on the floor.

Score: 95.3 (and goosies on Derek’s thighs)

All-girl hip hop group Style and Grace came to show off their talent as dancers, but they also wanted to show that girls can do anything. They brought the girl power, but they need to step up their choreography if they want to go far in the competition.

Score: 85

Radiance was the last team to take the stage, and before the Qualifiers, they hadn’t performed as a complete group on stage. J Lo liked their performance, but she wanted a story. Lucky for them, Derek stood by their talent saying that there doesn’t always have to be a story.

Score: 88 (and a story vs. no story debate between Derek and J Lo)


The “goosies” were Denise’s and Josh’s goal when they took the stage to perform a duet that was charged with powerful emotions. Even more impressive? Josh choreographed the performance that let that emotion through. The judges were impressed.

Score: 91 (and goosies from head to toe!)

Audrey and Mia took the stage like Konkrete and B-Dash in pink suits. J Lo said that these two didn’t look quite like what you might expect from a krumping duo, but they came out and hit hard.

Score: 86.3

Rachel and Lila began their relationship as rivals. Now, they’re friends and the two halves of the duet House of Tap. They chose a song with a lot of dramatic rhythms, but they came in with their song and each other, completely synchronized.

Score: 85.7

Junior Team

MKAM is a high school team from California, and while the Joker-esque routines inspired by a love for Batman and drama are usually pretty predictable, no one could predict that fast moves and clean formations this dance team brought to the stage.

Score: 89.7 (wardrobe compliments from Ne-Yo)

Do you remember Victoria Caban and her flamenco skills from Season 2? She’s back again with a team and a completely different style. Kozmic Edge is a junior hip hop group that wanted to pick up where Victoria left off last season.

Score: 83

Battle Droids Crew started as a group of young street performers in Belgian that unfortunately opened their performance with a fatally failed trick. They danced to “I’ve Got the Power”, but the loss of confidence after that mistake lingered through the rest of their performance.

Score: 87 (and another chance to perform that move)

Intention followed the Battle Droids with something more musical and gorgeous in its clean simplicity. They have a sweet and sincere quality to their performance, but we’re sure they’ll be ruthless if they have to battle their b-boy counterparts in the Duels.

Score: 87.7

Next time, the Duels begin. Currently on top are The Crazy 8’s (93), Tobias and the EZTwins (92.7), Lauren Yakima (95.7), and The Kings (97.7). The next round will start cutting the competition in half.

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