Apple might pride themselves on making good phones, but they also have good taste in dance. In the latest of their promotions to include dancers, Apple worked with former Miami City Ballet dancer Ezra Hurwitz to create a short film titled “Mobile Devices”.

This video focuses on American Ballet Theatre soloist Calvin Royal III and New York City Ballet principal Sara Mearns in a color-blocked story of their daily routines. You’ve really never seen a day-in-the-life like this. NYCB principal Gonzalo Garcia and ABT principal Isabella Boylston also make cameo appearances in the film.

Under Hurwitz’ direction, “Mobile Devices” shows off two different perspectives of what the dance world looks like. Sara Mearns spends her day with her “hounds” sipping espresso and doing cross-fit while Calvin Royal is busy doing traditional ballet warm-ups and reading on the subway. Hurwitz brings fun facts about the dancers’ lives, performances, and routines while also providing some laughs over things like ballerinas walking dogs en pointe.

We only have eyes for the dancers, but something almost as astounding as their talent is that this video was shot entirely on the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Hurwitz is one of the first artists to get to put this phone to the test, and we can’t imagine anything better.