The beginning of the week is when you change routines, start new tasks, and try to pick up where you left off last week in a more productive way. Inside the studio, this means schedules for sure, but it could also mean goals. These aren’t private goals, though. Setting weekly class goals with or for your students is a great way to keep things productive and exciting!

Set Goals Together

If you have time, setting a few weekly goals together is great for bonding as a class and encouraging teamwork. Have your students pick three things they would like to achieve during the week. Post those things somewhere in the studio where they can see them (like a bulletin or announcement board!), and during each class during the week, take a minute to ask them about how they think they’ve progressed.

Performance Goals

Many of the goals you set will likely be performance goals, such as being able to perform a certain section of a routine in sync or having everyone in the class master a turn. When you set these kinds of goals, it is important to remember that these are weekly goals, so don’t set performance expectations that can’t be accomplished in a week. The goals should push you and your class to work hard, but they should be fun!

Social Goals

Another type of goal you might set is social. Social goals focus on keeping your students connected outside of dance. If you’re starting a new class, you might set a goal for everyone to introduce themselves to at least three of their classmates. Or, in a more established classroom community, you might set a goal to plan a fun event like a family freestyle for your students to enjoy.