Soleil Szita is a 16-year-old dancer from Aldavilla, New South Wales. She dances at Vogue Performing Arts Academy.

“Dance is a universal language, one of the only languages everyone can understand… I hope when I dance I make the audience happy and smile…”

How has where you’re from affected your dance experience?

Australia has some of the most amazing dancers in the world. We have so many amazing teachers and choreographers traveling all around Australia so everyone can learn from them. The dance community here is incredible. Everyone is so nice, and everyone knows each other. It doesn’t matter what studio we are from, we all are dancers, and all are friends, and it’s always so much fun at competitions. I see things that inspire me every day, and every dancer is so supportive. It makes me a better dancer. I love my Australian dance family, and I love watching my dance friends from all around the country grow every day.

How do you want to use dance to make a positive influence on the world around you?

When I dance, I always want to convey a story to make the audience feel something. Dancing is an art form where we get to express emotions, so if I feel that there is something that is not getting [spoken] about enough or is wrong, I will make a routine about it to spread awareness. I hope, when I dance, I make the audience happy and smile, even if it’s just one person because when someone smiles it brightens up the world a little bit.

What would you tell the world about your culture of dance?

Aboriginal culture was heavily dependent on dancing, they danced about everything. They used dancing to tell stories just like we do today. It’s cool to see how Aboriginal dancing has formed into all of these new styles we see every day. In contemporary, you can still see moves inspired by Aboriginal dances. Dance is a universal language, one of the only languages everyone can understand. But Aboriginal dancing is unique because it’s so different, and it was the beginning of dancing in Australia.

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