Throughout our lives, we are surrounded by people that support us. In school, we are surrounded by peers that give context for our accomplishments. In our hobbies, we are surrounded by people that share our interest and inspire us to be innovative. No matter where you are or what you are doing, there will always be others around you, giving you something to think about, to strive for, to go above, and more.

But what about the moments when you aren’t sure how to fit into the context of all those other people? What do you do when you need to look inward instead of outward for a push in the right direction?

It is important to be able to accept the thoughts and opinions of other people, but it is even more important to have the tools and habits necessary to be your own biggest supporter in life and all that you do.

Own Your Confidence

You can do it.

That can be hard to think when you face a challenging situation, and even when other people say that to you, it can be hard to believe. But here’s the thing. No one but you knows the full extent of your accomplishments and capabilities. No one but you can really push yourself to your greatest accomplishments. You are your own superpower. Without your youness, you wouldn’t be who you are!

Be confident in that. Own your youness.

Pep Talks and Pump Up Jams

Think of a moment when someone you love said the exact right thing or someone played the perfect song to get you hyped up at a crucial moment. Hold onto the way those moments made you feel.


Well, there will be moments when there isn’t someone there to send you off on your next adventure with a, “You go, girl!” or press play on the song that makes you feel bigger than the world when you’re driving to something important. So, keep your own pep talks and pump up jams ready for whenever you need them.

Trust Your Instincts

Always be prepared to look outside of yourself for advice, but don’t think that the right answers can’t come from within. Use the things other people have to say to grow not to undermine yourself. Sometimes you have to go with your heart. Don’t be afraid to trust it.

Who knows where your instincts might take you.

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